Proforce is best placed to provide a level of sports training that is otherwise inaccessible to a large section of our society today. Started by Capt. Sachin Sharma and Capt. Ameya Kocharekar, the Proforce team is drawn almost exclusively from sports persons in the Armed Forces – sportsmen and sports woman who have played at national and international level in their respective sport. This type of resource base also allows Proforce to work with a large team of mentors and coaches for budding champions.

The Proforce Advantage:
  1. National and International Level sportspersons as trainers
  2. Large team mentors who have coached at national and international levels
  3. Management that understand sports coaching and management from the ground up
  4. Access to specialized services like nutrition and wellness counseling, athlete management etc
  5. Every child nutrition policy & monitoring coupled with sports psychology counselling to take sports to holistic level
  6. Requisite carrier support in terms of sponsorship for a talented player/players of the school/organization