Proforce works primarily in 2 ways  – Tie-up with schools, and tie-ups with organizations.
Proforce offers their trainers and other services to schools, as well as any other organization that has students in its care. Proforce can offer specialized individual as well as group training (based on a minimum number of students to be trained). Proforce only asks that all infrastructure & equipment must be provided by the school or organization.
Proforce will
Icon1 Identify the sport (s) best suited to the schools current student base- based on current levels of training and fitness, infrastructure available etc.
Icon2 Create schedules based on age, grade and talent, that will be integrated with the current school curriculum. In the case of a non-school organization. These schedules will be a stand-alone offering in the form of camps.
Icon3 Provide trainers of national and international levels of sportsmanship to work with the students through the schedule.
Icon4 Provide nutritionists under every child nutrition policy & holistic sports development.
Icon5 Give access to online tracking and assessment of individual children’s’ development.