Sports can build an individual. Sports can build a community. Sports can build a nation.
At Proforce, we believe in all 3.
Proforce was formed with the intention of bringing professionalism to the way sports is treated in India. Working primarily with schools, we focus on all 3 aspects – sports for an individual, sports for the community, and finally – sports for the nation.
For the Individual

There is no questioning the benefits of sports training for individuals – provided that the training is professional and aimed at drawing the best out of each child. Evidence shows that children who play sports are more balanced and well-rounded individuals later in life. There is also more recent evidence to show that sports training helps imbibe critical skills, such as perseverance, leadership & teamwork – all necessary traits for a successful life and career. In addition, Proforce also provides nutritional and wellness advice, providing a much-needed resource for parents in today’s world
For the Community

Proforce works with children in schools, bringing sports to them with a level of professionalism that is unparalleled anywhere in the country. By building an environment of holistic development within the school, and collaborating with parents to go beyond the boundaries of the school walls, Proforce builds up sporting talent in the local community. Our team is capable of providing training not only for the popular, and more prevalent sports such as Cricket or Football, but also the rarer to find types of sports training – such as fencing and boxing. We believe that it is essential to be able to cater to all types and all levels of sports training, in order to develop sporting spirit at a community level.
For the Nation

Our trainers are experts in their respective fields. We have a team of trainers comprising national and international level sportspeople to sports management gurus and sports therapists and nutritionists. This sort of team has been built specifically so we are capable of indentifying the right talent, and then developing it to the level of a competitive sportsman or sportswoman. At Proforce, we even have the resources needed to provide athlete management services, which will support the champions coming out of the Proforce fold.